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Hot Fashion Sales Feedback Community
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Hot Fashion Sales Feedback Community

ALL FEEDBACK SHOULD NOW BE POSTED TO : http://www.the-rockit-lab.com/~hfs_feedback/

This community will now be used as a ravage community to post questions, comments, and other questions related to the hotfashionsales community.


- Please ONLY post feedback for actual MEMBERS of the hotfashionsales community. In order to post feedback, you have to be a member of both this community and the hotfashionsales community as well. Read this post for more details on this.

-No personal information such as full names, home addresses and e-mail addresses are allowed to be posted due to privacy laws. Just positive and negative feedback identifying a livejournal user name is acceptable. Also, if you must post an e-mail address, PLEASE edit or censor the part after the @ with *'s. For example, a post with an e-mail address needs to look like this janedoe@****.*** . I unfortunately will have to reject any posts made without this edit.

- It is acceptable in your feedback post to link to the post where the items were sold on hotfashionsales.

- Try to resolve problems with a seller/trader/buyer via e-mail, AIM, etc.. before posting negative feedback. Many problems can be resolved through communication first. However, if this fails, go ahead and post your negative feedback in an intelligent, adult manner.

- I can't stress this enough; PLEASE make sure that you exhaust all ways of contacting a seller/buyer/trader (by e-mail, LJ comments, AIM, ect..) BEFORE you leave neagtive feedback. A lot of times e-mails might not get through and a seller/buyer/trader might not know that you were trying to contact them about a transaction. Please refer to this thread for more information on this particular issue.

- When you post negative feedback for someone because they backed out on a deal, they will not be added to the black list, unless they had you hold the item for two weeks or more and haven't communicated with you after this time period. Make sure you specify this in your post.. Refer to this post if you have any questions about this rule.

- Report internet frauds at the Internet Fraud Complaint Center @ http://www.ifccfbi.gov/index.asp or at the USPS Mail Fraud Center at https://www.usps.com/postalinspectors/fraud/MailFraudComplaint.htm. Also, check out http://www.fraud.org/.

- Refer to the memories section for more details on internet fraud.

Check Feedback at : http://www.the-rockit-lab.com/~hfs_feedback/

Also, check out the punkmart feedback community at http://52grrl.net/punkmart

Search hfs_feedback here:


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