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[Sep. 19th, 2006|11:31 am]
Hot Fashion Sales Feedback Community


I know you guys have done business with liaexcess(somethingtrampy@y****.com).. she has tons of feedback, so I wasn't worried in the least bit about having a transaction with her.

She initiated contact on August 22 asking me about my custom address labels here:

We finalized the trade and swapped addresses on August 24 (if you guys want the transcript I can edit the post)

I sent out her package and she received it on August 30 (as seen here: http://trkcnfrm1.smi.usps.com/PTSInternetWeb/InterLabelInquiry.do?origTrackNum=9101150134711565542797)

She sent out an email on September 2, stating this:
"Hi there. i'm just emailing you guys to tell you that i am EXTREMELY sorry if you have not received the items you have purchased from me or a part of a trade i was to send. My family friend was in a bad car accident off the main road near my parents house and i went back home to see her and how she is doing, thankfully she is recovering and that no one was in the passenger seat because that entire side of the car was totaled. I'm back at my place now and just trying to get things into order. Everything *IS* indeed packaged up and ready to go, all packaged will have delivery confirmation and will be shipped via priority mail and you all will get your packages shortly. Again, i am so so sorry about this i usually mail things within 1-3 days of confirmation and i have great feedback you guys can check out to reinforce this and that i am an honest seller. Thanks so much for your time and sorry one last time. Take care."

I totally understood, so I gave her 2 weeks before emailing her about it. I told her I haven't received my items yet, and I was wondering when she sent them out.

It's been almost a month and she hasn't replied to my email or my comment left on her journal. From her feedback, she's been doing business this entire time and people have been receving their stuff.

//Edit: She's contacted me and we've worked it out, thanks guys!